The College of Monarchs

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The Imperial aND Sovereign Court of Winnipeg and All of Manitoba

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Sovereign Reigns

Imperial House of The Been There, Done That, 19th Imperial Sovereign House of the Double Do-Overs

Emperor XIX Doogie Trouser-Lickitt
Emperor XIX P.J. Vanderloon

Empress XIX ½ Canada - Kelsey Breeze

​Empress XIX ½ USA - Tonia Lee Anthony

Imperial Crown Princess XIX - GaDiva Gadoink
Imperial Crown Princess XIX - Joan Costalotsa

Imperial Grand Duches XIX - Slaytana D'Sloot
Imperial Grand Duchess XIX - Frieda Loader


Imperial House of Legends, Legacies, and a Whole Lot of Fuckery... A Family Tradition
Empress XVIII ½ , Canada - Trixie PanAm
Empress XVIII ½  Canada - Tyra Boinks
Empress XVIII ½ , Canada - Rouge Fatale

Emperor XVIII ½, Canada - Bulldozr

Emperor XVIII ½, Canada - Jiminy Lickit
Imperial Crown Prince XVIII, Jack Me'Hoff

Imperial Crown Prince XVIII, Dusty Rhodes
Imperial Crown Princess XVIII, Cheron Sharelike

Imperial Crown Princess XVIII, Foxy Beast

Imperial Grand Duke XVIII, Kaos Reigns
Imperial Grand Duchess XVIII, Prairie Sky

Imperial House of Sugar, Spice and Everything Nice
Empress XVII, Cake
Empress XVII ½ , Canada - D Frost
Empress XVII ½  Canada - Hellacious Acres
Empress XVII ½, USA - Tonia Lee
Imperial Crown Prince XVII, Allen Morrison
Imperial Crown Princess XVII, Satina Loren
Imperial Grand Duke XVII, Dusty Rhodes
Imperial Grand Duchess XVII, Foxy Lamour


Imperial House of The Big The Bold & The Beautiful
Empress XVI, Jasmine Whore-Moan

Emperor XVI, Jamie Allwood
Empress XVI ½ , Canada - Kelsey Breeze
Empress XVI ½ , USA - Ida Slapter-Back
Emperor XVI ½ , Canada - Rob DaCradle 
Emperor XVI ½ , USA - Shawn  Creveling
Imperial Crown Prince XVI, Doogie Trouser-Lickit
Imperial Crown Princess XVI, Cake
Imperial Grand Duke XVI, PJ Vanderloon
Imperial Grand Duchess XVI, Cheron Sharelike


Imperial House of The Magic Kingdom: The Happiest House on Earth
Empress XV, Satina Loren
Empress XV ½ , Canada - Vanity Fair
Empress XV ½ , Canada - Yada Ya Aughta Bookahead
Empress XV ½ , USA - Muffy Rosenburg
Imperial Crown Prince XV, Christian Mingle
Imperial Crown Princess XV, Cake
Imperial Grand Duke XV, Oliver Klozoff
Imperial Grand Duchess XV, Kitty Valentine


Imperial House of Pancakes
Empress XIV, Tyra Boinks
Imperial Crown Prince XIV, Krys Styles
Imperial Crown Princess XIV, Symara Styles
Imperial Crown Princess XIV, Satina Loren
Imperial Grand Duke XIV, Darren Takeela
Imperial Grand Duchess XIV, Veronica Darling


Imperial House of Tolerance, Acceptance and a Whole Lotta Booze
Emperor XIII, Mr. Wizzard 

Empress XIII, Lita Takeela
Emperor XIII 1/2, Chris Tron
Empress XIII 1/2, Nina Tron
Imperial Crown Prince XIII, Christian Mingle
Imperial Crown Princess XIII, Victoria Lush
Imperial Grand Duke XIII, Darren Takeela
Imperial Grand Duchess XIII, Satina Loren


Paradoxical House of Celebutante, Divaness and Realness
Empress XII, Cassandra Crossing
Empress XII 1/2, Jenny Talia
Imperial Crown Prince XII. Jack Me'Hoff
Imperial Crown Princess XII, Auroura Celeste
Imperial Grand Duke XII, Johnny Fierce


Imperial House of Live, Love, Learn, Laugh and WORK THE HAIR!
Empress XI, Vida Lamour
Empress XI 1/2, Iona Whipp
Empress XI 1/2. Deanna Stevens-Dior
Imperial Crown Prince XI, Pierre Ouette
Imperial Crown Princess XI, Symara Styles
Imperial Grand Duke XI, Darius Lamour
Imperial Grand Duchess XI, Cheron Sharelike


Imperial House of Bears and Babes!
Emperor X, Cub Scout

Empress X, Breyanna Burlesque
Emperor X 1/2, Hunter James
Empress X 1/2, Robyn Graves
Imperial Crown Prince X, Jamie Allwood
Imperial Crown Princess X, Vida Lamour
Imperial Crown Princess X, Molly Marie
Imperial Grand Duke X, Rex Box
Imperial Grand Duchess X, Jackee Love


Imperial House of PUTA: Pride, Understanding, Team Work, & Achievements
Empress IX, Breyanna Burlesque 

Emperor IX, Jiminy Lickit
Empress IX 1/2, Marni Gras
Emperor IX 1.2, Sundance Lonestar
Imperial Crown Prince IX, Bobby Boinks
Imperial Crown Princess IX, Tyra Boinks
Imperial Grand Duke IX, Karsten Tonic
Imperial Grand Duchess IX, Molly Marie


The Double Crowned Realm of Spirits and Candies
Emperor VIII, Georgio Remmington 

Empress VIII, Anita Stallion
Imperial Crown Prince VIII, Allen Morrison
Imperial Crown Princess VIII, Breyanna Burlesque-Storm-Las Vegas
Imperial Grand Duke VIII, Adam Jansson
Imperial Grand Duchess VIII, Karen Palaniuk


Imperial House of Scandal
Emperor VII, Jiminy Lickit

Emperor VII, Carlos Las Vegas
Imperial Crown Prince VII, Krys Styles


The House of the Pink Diamond Porn Star Barbies and their Pool Boys

Imperial Crown Prince VI, Jamie Allwood

Imperial Grand Duke VI, Trisp Lamour

Imperial Grand Duchess VI, Vida Lamour


Imperial House of Mythical Creatures, Magical Beasts... and ME!
Empress V, Sabrina Seville-Lane
Empress V 1/2 - Canada, Erika Divine
Empress V 1/2 - USA, Ericka LaRue
Imperial Crown Prince V, Jiminy Lickit
Imperial Crown Princess V, Jasmine Whore-Moan
Imperial Grand Duke V, Joan Costalotsa
Imperial Grand Duchess V, Tyra Boinks


Imperial House of Dignity, Inspiration, Vision for Excellence
Emperor IV, Tony Barr-Lane 

Empress IV, Stephanie Lane-Barr
Emperor IV 1/2 - Canada, Marty Mojo Stevens
Empress IV 1/2 - Canada, Vinnessa Nite
Emperor IV 1/2 - USA, Michael Parson
Empress IV 1/2 - USA, Kendra Blake-Hilton
Imperial Crown Prince IV, Jiminy Lickit
Imperial Crown Princess IV, Jasmine Whore-Moan
Imperial Grand Duke IV, Phil Thee
Imperial Grand Duke IV, Willyssa Thunderpuss


Imperial House of the Eternal Quest for Equality and Commonality... This Bitch Ain't Better than the Rest
Empress III, SoHorny Beaver
Empress III 1/2, Claudia Silva
Imperial Crown Princess III, Tanya Hide
Imperial Grand Duchess III, Breyanna Burlesque


Imperial House of Simplicity
Empress II, Anita Stallion
Empress II 1/2, Avaughna Sanoir
Imperial Crown Prince II, P.J. Vanderloon
Imperial Grand Duke II, Maverick Obsession
Imperial Grand Duchess II, Staci Lords​


Imperial House of All That Is, Was, and Will Be
Emperor I, Georgio Remmington 

Empress I, Electra Storm
Emperor I 1/2, Michael Lyon
Empress I 1/2, CeCe Martay
Imperial Prince I, Carlos Las Vegas
Imperial Princess I, Liz Las Vergas
Imperial Grand Duchess I, Jasmine Whore-Moan

Baronial Reigns


Baronial Diamond Millennium House of the Seven Dragons of Heaven & Earth
Emperor 1999, Drew Bludd 
Empress 1999, SoHorny Beaver
Emperor 1999 1/2, Troy Hassis
Empress 1999 1/2, Claudia Silva


Baronial House of Grandeur, Elegance and Great Expectations
Emperor 1998, Carlos Las Vegas 

Empress 1998, Liz Las Vegas
Emperor 1998 1/2, Ray Besse
Empress 1998 1/2, Gladys Over


Baronial House of Silver & Gold
Emperor 1997, Tony Barr-Lane 

Empress 1997, Jennifur Coates
Emperor 1997 1/2, Lucky Luke
Empress 1997 1/2, Robin Sophia Derring