The Current Reign

The Imperial aND Sovereign Court of Winnipeg and All of Manitoba


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The 18th Imperial Sovereign House of Legends, Legacies, and a Whole Lot of Fuckery… A Family Tradition

Her Most Imperial & Sovereign Majesty, The Double Crowned Iconic Empress, For the People By the People Empress XVIII of Winnipeg & All of Manitoba

Vida Lamour DeCosmo

His Most Imperial & Sovereign Majesty, The Double Crowned Sapphire Community Keeper,  Grizzly Guardian of the Bear Necessities

Emperor XVIII of Winnipeg & All of Manitoba

Jamie Allwood

Empress 18 ½ , Canada - Trixie PanAm

Empress 18 ½ , Canada -  Tyra Boinks

Empress 18 ½ , Canada -  Rouge Fatale

Emperor 18 ½ , Canada -  Bulldozr

Emperor 18 ½ , Canada -  Jiminy Lickit

The Imperial Family

His Most Imperial and Sovereign Highness, Imperial Crown Prince 18, First in line of Succession  - Jack Me'Hoff

His Most Imperial and Sovereign Highness, Imperial Crown Prince 18, Second in line of Succession  - Dusty Rhodes

Her Most Imperial and Sovereign Highness, Imperial Crown Princess 18, First  in line of Succession - Cheron Sharelike
Her Most Imperial and Sovereign Highness, Imperial Crown Princess 18, Second in line of Succession - Foxy Lamour
His Most Imperial and Sovereign Grace, Imperial Grand Duke  18 -  Kaos Reigns
Her Most Imperial and Sovereign Grace, Imperial Grand Duchess 18 - Prairie Sky

The 18th Imperial Court

Jaryd Price - Party Monster, Master of Fashion and Disguise
Jynx Nouveau - Pink Anime Mistress of the Moon
Troy Sebastian Watt - The Two-Piece & a Lipstick... Wrong Queen!
Denise Perazniak - Lady Chante, Mistress of Drag
Jared Starr - The Imperial Prodigal Son
DJ J. Jackson - Imperial Gold Diamond, The Bitch Who Crowned Me
Victoria Lush- The Luscious Vixen of Candies, Parties, & Daddies
Jason Lachance - Sassy Sally Scissors
Jeph Davey - The Protector of Hyrule
Darren Takeela - The Royal Emily… I Have Patrick!
Darius Lamour - The Uppity, Uptight, No Sense of Urgency, But I'll Keep You
Candice & Jesse - The Guardians of the Lesbian Lick Lodge
Sara Brasseur - The Royal Mafia / Lady in Waiting, and Waiting, Oh and She's still Waiting

Gus Schrot - The Royal Mafia
Charl Boettger - The Royal Mafia
Jonathan Bouwer - The Royal Mafia

Chelsea Lynn - The The Royal Mafia
Marcus Stephens - The The Royal Mafia
TJ Curtis - The Royal Mafia

Big daddy Pump - Imperial Godfather
Ivanna Diamonds - Imperial Godmother
Breyanna Burlesque - The Metis Princess of the Interlake
Anita Stallion - The Metis Princess of the Parkland Region
Jennifer Coates - The One & Only, The First Ever, The Original, No Doubt About it, Jennifer Coates
Sabrina Seville - Queen Mother
Electra Storm -  The Goddess of Thunder, Lighting & a Whole Lot of Hale
Cake - Minister of Protocol
Lita Takeela - The Royal Mafia Boss / Trixie PanAm
PJ Vanderloon - Sultan of Sequins
Jasmine Whore-Moan - Mistress of the Ex-Wives Club
Mr. Wizzard - To Be Continued...
Satina Loren - The Siren of the Dead Sea
Alexa Silver - The Triple Threat Broadway Goddess of Song & Dance
Symara Styles - The Privilege Police
Kris Styles - The Privilege Police

Allen Morrison - King of the Castle
Joel Sarbit - King of the Castle
Lyndsey Drynan - The Saison Margeurite
Voleta Vexis - All You Can Eat For Under a Dollar
Deedra Hall - Dumpster Diving, Party Crasher, & Auntie to All
Danno - Grandma Fireball
Beverly Claeys - Madam of the Manor

Kenny Wolfe - The Gentlemen’s Club
Dino Arrigo - The Gentlemen’s Club
Ernest Ruet d’Auteuil - The Gentlemen’s Club
David G. Bender - The Gentlemen’s Club

China White - Madam of the Bear Den
Chad Sexington - Sassy, Classy & Very Tacky
Julian Freynet - The Imperial Trooper
Aaron Putz - Royal Collector of coins & party supplies for Prince First in Line
Jay Richthammer - The Keeper of Blackmail
Pictoria Secrete & Gloria Booths - Ladies of Glitter, Glamour, & Glue Guns
Joan Costalotsa & Don Ho - Keepers of the Liquormart
Rhéal Gervais - Keeper of the Energy & the Community
Barry Karlenzig - Keeper of the Almighty Power of Speaking to the Manager
Godiva Gadoink - Mistress of Math... Because it’s SexySunshine House Bunch - The Freaks & Geeks

The Snowy Owl Monarchist Society Inc.