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The Snowy Owl Monarchist Society Inc.

The Imperial aND Sovereign Court of Winnipeg and All of Manitoba


The Current Reign

The 20th Imperial House of Resurgence: Call of the Wild!

His Most Imperial Sovereign Majesty

The Causer of Problems, Skylark of the Night, Good Luck Getting Rid of Him Now!

Emperor XX of Winnipeg & All of Manitoba

Dusty Rhodes

Her Most Imperial Sovereign Majesty

The Deep Rooted Spiritual Rose Gold Goddess, Protector of Love and Life

Empress XX of Winnipeg & All of Manitoba

Foxy Beast

Empress XX ½ , Canada - Hellacious Acres

Empress XX ½ , Canada -  Iona Whipp

Empress XX ½ , Canada -  Krystal Starr

Emperor XX ½ , USA - Matthew Cox

The Imperial Family

Her Most Imperial and Sovereign Highness, Imperial Crown Princet XX  - Kitty Valentine

His Most Imperial and Sovereign Grace, Imperial Grand Duke  XX -  Allen Morrison
Her Most Imperial and Sovereign Grace, Imperial Grand Duchess XX - Moxie Cotton

The 20th Imperial Court