​​​​​President -            Matt H.         matt@impcourtmb.ca

Vice President -    Aaron M.      aaron@impcourtmb.ca

Treasurer -            Sherry H.     sherry@impcourtmb.ca

Secretary -            Jay R.           jay@impcourtmb.ca


College Rep 1 -     Kerry B.        kerry@impcourtmb.ca

College Rep 2 -     Craig R.        craig@impcourtmb.ca

Director -               Chris S.        chris@impcourtmb.ca

Director -               John C.         john@impcourtmb.ca

Director -               Kevin T.        kevin@impcourtmb.ca

Director -               Vacant

Monarch(s) -          Vacant

The Board of Directors

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The Imperial aND Sovereign Court of Winnipeg and All of Manitoba

The Snowy Owl Monarchist Society Inc.